Herbal Beauty

Many of today’s beauty products are laden with harmful chemicals and preservatives. While these chemicals are great for product shelf-life, harsh additives may not do any favors for your skin. Apis’ line of beauty products contain only safe and natural ingredients, and our only preservative is naturally-moisturizing vitamin e.

Hand Salve

A beautiful healing hand salve, full of herbs that are beneficial to the skin. Rosemary, calendula, and plantain are lovely, delicate healers. Lavender and chamomile soothe the skin, and rosehip seed oil provides deep moisture for ultimate healing. It has a light rose geranium scent to uplift your spirit.

Ingredients: Rosemary, chamomile and lavender-infused almond oil, calendula and plantain-infused olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, vitamin e, lavender and rose geranium essential oils

Cuticle Salve

Repair damaged cuticles with this salve. Rosemary and sage promote nail health, and plantain and rosehip seed oil heal and moisturize cracked and dry nail beds.

Ingredients: Rosemary and sage-infused almond oil, beeswax, plantain-infused olive oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin e, rosemary and lavender essential oil

Calendula & Rose

This mask is gentle and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Calendula and rose are beautiful skin healers, and rosehip is an extra boost of love! A friend favorite from product testing!

Ingredients: kaolin clay, calendula, rose petal, rosehip

Directions: Mix one tablespoon of clay powder with one teaspoon of warm water. Apply to skin and let dry. Rinse gently.

Sage & Chickweed

A wonderful mask for those with oily complexions. French green clay is drawing, and sage helps dry oil-producing skin. Chickweed and calendula add their healing power to refresh the skin.

Ingredients: French green clay, sage, chickweed, calendula

Directions: Mix one tablespoon of clay powder with two teaspoons of warm water. Apply to skin and let dry. Rinse gently.

Plantain & Comfrey

Perfect for helping heal skin damaged from acne. Plantain and comfrey are powerful healers. Calendula is an added bonus, nourishing the skin.

Ingredients: kaolin clay, plantain, comfrey, calendula

Directions: Mix one tablespoon of clay powder with one teaspoon of warm water. Apply to skin and let dry. Rinse gently.

Love Your Skin

Nourish your skin and uplift your mood with these beautiful bath salts. Calendula and rose petals are both gentle healers for skin damage. Jasmine and lemon balm are cheerful additions as well as healing, and marry with the salts to leave your skin refreshed.

Ingredients: epsom salt, Himalayan pink sea salt, sea salt, caldenula, rose petals, jasmine perfume and lemon balm essential oil

Stop and Smell the Flowers Herbal Steam

Steam treatments are wonderful for opening pores and soothing dry, irritated skin. This lovely herbal blend delicately soothes skin. The steam ritual is calming and beautiful, and makes for a decadent spa day.

Ingredients: calendula, rose, chamomile, elderflowers