For the Mommas

These products have been designed with the well-being of mothers in mind. Each herb is picked for its properties, as well as the well-being of you and your child. Essential oils have been left out to ensure there’s no risk of over-exposure to them.

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Nursing Balm

New breastfeeding mommas will appreciate this balm! Herb-infused oils provide relief and heal chapped, sore nipples. Calendula, plantain, and chamomile are all infant-safe, and essential oils are left out for extra peace of mind.

Ingredients: Calendula and plantain-infused olive oil, chamomile-infused almond oil, beeswax, vitamin e

Available in small or large sizes. If you end up with extra, it makes a wonderful hand salve!

Review: “Those first two weeks it was a blessing!” -Kat J

Momma Moisturizer

Protect your delicate skin with this rich moisturizing salve. A complementary blend of oils infused with skin-loving herbs nourishes your skin, providing the healing and replenishment your body needs. Free from essential oils, unnatural preservatives, and chemicals.

Ingredients: Calendula-infused olive oil, plantain-infused grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin e


Baby Balm

An all-purpose balm for your child for everything from diaper rash to dry, chapped skin. Calendula and plantain heal delicate skin, and thyme works as a natural anti-bacterial to thwart infections. No essential oils or additives means you know exactly what you’re putting on your child’s sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Calendula, plantain and thyme-infused olive oil, beeswax, vitamin e


Handwoven Teething Ring

A eco-friendly alternative to plastic teething rings! Soak the cotton in water or an herbal tea, and freeze. Great for teething babies to gnaw on! Bunny ears are made of natural cotton, and the ring is natural, untreated wood. Handwoven in Boise, Idaho. Washable.