Sleep Spray

This spray of calming herbs infused in witch hazel and magnesium oil provides a soothing night’s sleep. Most people are deficient in magnesium and this vital mineral aids in restful sleep. Spritz 2-4 times on your wrists or stomach, breathe in, and sleep. Tried and tested.

Ingredients: Crimson clover, lavender, chamomile, and hops-infused witch hazel, magnesium oil, lavender essential oil

(Don’t spray on broken skin–it can sting!)

Calm Yourself

These salts are embellished with herbs that soak all of their goodness into your skin and soothe your mind. Full of herbs that promote peace and relieve anxiety, this blend will restore a little bit of balance in your life. You’ll go to bed feeling soft and calm.

Ingredients: epsom salt, Himalayan pink sea salt, sea salt, lavender, lemon balm, crimson clover, lavender and chamomile essential oil

Take a Deep Breath Herbal Steam

Unwind from stress with this soothing steam. Give yourself time to relax and breathe in herbs that help calm your body. This aromatherapy won’t overwhelm the senses, but will make you feel warm and secure. An added bonus: it’s great for your skin!

Ingredients: chamomile, lavender, motherwort, hops, crimson clover


Whey Past Your Bedtime

Whey and Himalayan pink sea salts