Wildflower Floral & Events

Bath salts, lip balms, clay masks, hand salves


Boise CoOp-800 W Front St, Boise

Lip balms and scar minimizer


North End Organic Nursery-3777 W Chinden Rd, Garden City

A little bit of everything


Cafe Crane-State St, Eagle

A little bit of everything


Edwards Nursery-Hill Rd, Boise

Steams, clay masks, sleep spray, bath salts


Piece Unique-205 N 10th St, Boise

Lip balms


Moss Coffee Shop-208 9th St, Boise

A little bit of everything


Boise Co-Op-Village Shopping Center, Meridian

Lip balms


Stillwater Float Center-10th St, Boise

Bath salts