Our Process


Our healing herbs are grown in our own gardens. We harvest and dry everything- which means that the herbs are as fresh as possible, and there is no plastic packaging or shipping that goes into our product inputs.

Our gardens also are home to all varieties of pollinating species and beneficial insects. We plant flowers and vegetables as well as herbs, and use organic gardening methods. Having a continual variety of plants in bloom with no added pesticides guarantees pollinators a secure habitat. The gardens are home to a wide variety of native bees, beetles, moths, wasps, and other beneficial insects.

The dried herbs are infused into organic oils. They sit for 2-4 weeks to translate their properties into the oils, and then are strained out.


To make our salves, we blend the infused oils with local beeswax and vitamin e. Herbal oils and essential oils are selected to heal certain conditions based off of their unique properties.


Our products are packaged with minimal plastic (most lids still come in plastic). Our sales are focused locally- we supply many local stockists with goods, as well as sell at the Boise Farmers Market and other local markets.